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Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited

Ghana Trade fair Company (GTFC) Limited formerly the Ghana Trade Fair Authority (FTFA) is an autonomous self-financing state-owned enterprise, established by PNDC Law (215) 1989. GTFC is administratively responsible to the now Ministry of Trade and Industry. The fairs and exhibitions organised by GTFC are noted for their high standards.

Ghana Export Promotion Council

The Ghana Export Promotion Council (GEPC) has the sole responsibility to develop and promote exports of non-traditional products. These involve the provision of technical assistance at the enterprise level in production, marketing and training and general advisory services as well as participation in export finance committees and other fora aimed at creating an enabling environment for non-traditional export expansion.


Budget Statement

Budget Statement and Economic Policy of the Government of Ghana for the 2010 Fiscal Year Presented to Parliament on

Wednesday, 18th November, 2009


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