1. All Foreign Correspondents wishing to visit Ghana are required to complete a form for Press Accreditation at the nearest Ghana diplomatic Mission, Which should be accompanied by three passport-size photographs. The details will be forwarded to the Director of Information Services Department in Accra for processing. To avoid delays, the application must be received in Accra at least ten (10) days before the scheduled date of arrival.

2. In the event of the need for correspondents to travel at short notice to cover breaking news in Ghana, permission can be sought from the Director of Information Services in Accra through Ghana’s diplomatic Missions.

3. The visiting correspondents should indicate the purpose of the visit, number of government officials they would wish to interview and places of interest they would like to visit.

4. Requests for interview with Ministers of State and Government officials should be made through the Information Services Department in Accra.

6. Visiting correspondents should, on arrival in Accra, report at the Information Services Department for Accreditation before undertaking any assignment. A fee of USD 95 with its Cedi equivalent of GH 500.00 per head, is charged for the issuance of press cards to foreign correspondents.This payment for accreditation covers only one (1) visit of up to six(6) months.

7. Accreditation for resident foreign correspondents is given for a period of one year, subject to renewal. Application for renewal should be accompanied by a written confirmation from the correspondent’s employers (company, institution etc) that such person(s) is or are still in their employment. A fee of USD151  with its Cedi equivalent of GH800.00 per head, is charged for the issuance of accreditation covering a period of one(1) year.

8. Personnel of the Armed forces, Police, Immigration, Customs, Excise and Preventive Services (CEPS) and Prisons should not be photographed, filmed or interviewed without seeking  prior permission from the Information Services Department. Also, the Seat of Government, all Military installations and the Independence Arch should not be filmed or photographed without prior permission from the Office of State Protocol through the Information Services Department.