AFRICA DAY 25th May, 2020


The African Union is 57 years old today. My message as the Dean of the Africa Group in the Czech Republic echoes and emphasises the endeavours of all African Heads of State to put in place, systems that will propel the respective countries to leverage their rich natural resources towards the achievement of the development goals encapsulated in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their individual and collective actions will no doubt, propel Africa to realise the development of its 30% portion of the world’s total natural resources. By so doing, the continent can become the much envisaged peaceful, developed, rich comity of nations, where the benefits of the wealth would be equitably distributed, and reaching the whole populace. 

Most importantly, through good governance, poverty alleviation and social cohesion, to list a few of the requisite factors, the guns will be silenced, and conducive conditions created for the rapid development of Africa.  

It is indeed, in mutually beneficial partnership with friendly countries like the Czech Republic that Africa aspires to achieve its aim of positive transformation in all sectors of the economy and at all levels of society. Africa’s Global Partners must see the continent as an investment partner; rather than an aid recipient or a tool of cultural diversion and entertainment, in order to ensure the integrity, viability and sustainability of this important partnership. 

The COVID 19 Pandemic has swung the fulcrum of World development toward Africa. This is the opportunity for Africa to grab and usher in a period of development in collaboration with our Global Partners, and on an equitable basis. 

I wish us all a “Keep safe Africa Day”.

Thank you.