Under current law, applicants must be Ghanaian nationals, and evidence of Ghanaian citizenship is required in the form of a Ghanaian Birth Certificate, an expired passport etc. Applicants holding only Ghanaian Birth Certificates will further undergo an interview to ascertain their true Ghanaian nationality.


  • An applicant for a new passport must duly complete a passport application form and return it with four (4) passport-size pictures (taken on full face) together with other relevant documents, e.g. birth certificate, expired/ current passport, etc. All supporting documents must be submitted in original and a set of photocopies. The original documents will be returned to the applicant after completion of the process.
  • An application for a new passport may be submitted six (6) months to the date of expiry of the current passport or when the pages of the passport are all endorsed with visas/ stamps.
  • An application for a new passport to replace a missing/lost passport shall be accompanied by a police report, clearly stating the passport number and the date of issue.
  • The Embassy no longer endorses Ghanaian passports. In case of change of name, profession, etc., applicant is to apply for a new passport.


Passport Application Form  CZK800.00
Passport Processing CZK3200.00
Processing of Lost Passport CZK6400.00
Laisser Passer CZK 800.00

Payment is accepted only in cash and only in Czech Crowns

Proxy Passports

It is not permitted by law for Ghanaians resident outside Ghana to acquire Ghana passports from Ghana through friends and relatives in Ghana.

Any proxy passport that comes into the possession of the Embassy shall immediately be confiscated and cancelled.